BDCashProtocol Ecosystem Road Map

The Best Decentralization for digital cash Ecosystem.

BDCashProtocol Ecosystem There is a road map with defined goals but they are not done 100% in the chronological order shown.
Jan - Dec 2020
Target completed

100% finished

Jan-Dec 2021
Target completed

60% Finished

1° step 2022
Network Changes

Blockchain swapped

News Targets

⦁ Create BDECO ID.

⦁ Create NODESH.

⦁ Create new Android Wallet.

⦁ Publish extension wallet for Firefox and Chrome.

⦁ Make the creation of smart contracts available on the BDECO network.

⦁ Launch Tokenization Platform.

2° Step 2022
Improviments and news

⦁ Search partnerships with Exchange for acceptance tokens in the market.

⦁ Expand partnerships with exchanges.

⦁ Start construction of the NFT BDECO platform.

⦁ Start building the BDECO Hub.

⦁ Start marketing to expand the community.

⦁ Launch NFT BDECO platform.

⦁ Launch BDECO Hub.

⦁ Review and start build Game Card.

⦁ Update Road Map with new goals and improvements.